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A guide to pure breed chicken expected laying capabilities (large fowl)

Breed Egg Colour Numbers p.a. Maturing Type
Ancona White 200 Quick Light
Andalusian White 200 Quick Light
Araucana Blue / Green 150 Quick Light
Australorp Tinted 180 Medium Heavy*
Barnevelder Light Brown 180 Medium Heavy
Brahma Tinted 150 Slow Heavy*
Campine White 200 Quick Light
Cochin Tinted 100 Slow Heavy*
Croad Langshan Brownish 180 Medium Heavy*
Dorking White 190 Medium Heavy*
Faverolles Tinted 180 Medium Heavy*
Fayoumi Tinted 250 Quick Light
Friesian White 230 Quick Light
Frizzle Tinted 175 Medium Heavy
Hamburg White 200 Quick Light
Indian Game Tinted 100 Medium Heavy
Leghorn White 240 Quick Light
Marans Dark Brown 200 Medium Heavy*
Minorca White 200 Medium Light
Old English Game Tinted 200 Quick Heavy*
OE Pheasant Fowl White 200 Quick Light
Orpington Tinted 180 Medium Heavy*
Plymouth Rock Tinted 200 Medium Heavy
Poland White 200 Quick Light
Derbyshire Redcap Tinted 200 Quick Light
Rhode Island Red Tinted / Brown 260 Medium Heavy
Scots Dumpy Tinted 180 Medium Heavy*
Scots Grey Tinted 200 Quick Light
Sicilian Buttercup White 180 Quick Light
Silkie Tinted 150 Quick Light*
Spanish (White Faced) White 200 Quick Light
Sumatra Tinted 200 Quick Light*
Sussex Tinted 260 Medium Heavy
Welsummer Dark Red-Brown 200 Medium Heavy
Wyandotte Tinted 200 Medium Heavy



*most likely to go broody. Some colour varieties of breeds lay better than others and different exhibition and utility strains exist, exhibition strains not being as productive