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If you want eggs rather than chicks, the best way to reset a broody’s cycle is to construct a “sin bin”. This could be as simple as a rabbit hutch, but should really have a small mesh floor so that she does not want to think of a nest, plus has food and water available. It will take about a fortnight for this to be effective, harden your heart and do not let her out before this time as she will go straight back to the nestbox and begin sitting again.

After two weeks in the sin bin, integrate her carefully back into the flock (or place the sin bin in the henhouse if there is space) and she should then begin to lay properly again within 2-3 weeks, therefore earning her keep. If the next time she looks as though she is going broody you put her in the sin bin straight away for a few days, this may be enough as the hormones are not at full power at the beginning of the broody cycle.