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If using a breeder ration, when egg laying commences under natural lighting conditions in the Spring, fertile eggs may be expected within 10 days of the male being introduced. If the male is already running with females it is possible that their eggs will be fertile from the first laying. If you have a different breed cock bird running with females, allow a fortnight for the correct bird to be fertile with those hens after removal of the other cock bird. It is not necessary for the male to copulate with each female daily. He can fertilise several eggs at one time if there is free access for the sperm to travel to the ovary.

Some of the more fluffy breeds may need feathers removing from around their vents in order for successful mating to take place due to the fact that the birds do not have extrudable parts and merely touch vent to vent when mating in order to transfer the semen.

You will find that cocks will have favourite hens and the feathers on the backs of these hens will be worn away. In order to prevent this if you want to show your birds, put the cock in with the hens for only a few minutes every other day, or fit a breeding saddle to the hen(s).