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Basic Chicken Husbandry for Schools


Many schools and nurseries are already hatching eggs as part of the Early Years curriculum, offering children a unique opportunity to witness at first hand the start of life. A number of schools are also beginning to look at keeping chickens in order to further children’s knowledge and understanding of life cycles as part of the science curriculum as well as developing their understanding of where our food comes from. This e-booklet is designed to help school staff to develop a better understanding of how to choose the right breed of chickens and set up a successful unit.

This comprehensive and expert e-booklet covers choosing the right breed, the five welfare needs, husbandry, housing, feeding, equipment, free-range, the sick bay, health, disease prevention, daily and weekly routines, incubation, broodies, rearing, handling and vermin control. Plus a risk assessment chart.

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Basic Chicken Husbandry for Schools E-Booklet