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Common Non-Infectious Diseases

Excess cabbage can cause diarhoea, also see Health page for normal droppiings picture.

Crop impaction
This is sometimes known as crop binding and long stemmy grass is usually the culprit. This cannot physically pass on down the digestive tract and the bird stops eating. If nothing is done, the bird will starve. Contact your vet, plus make sure that grass is kept short.

Feather Pecking
Overheating, whether in the hen hut or by feeding too much maize in warm weather, can lead to feather pecking and then cannibalism.

Normally red, a pale comb indicates anaemia, most like to be caused by mite infestation.

Spur overgrowth
Long and sharp spurs should be filed smooth.

Sharp spur which needs filing

Egg peritonitis: Ex-batts and light breeds are prone. Sometimes known as internal laying because the yolk misses the funnel of the infundibulum and descends into the abdominal cavity, particularly if the bird has been stressed at ovulation. It can be caused by a previous Infectious Bronchitis infection. One yolk should be scavenged by the body defences, but if several yolks descend in quick succession or infection sets in, the resulting painful peritonitis can quickly become fatal. The bird will be lethargic and depressed, sometimes with excess fluid in the abdomen. Antibiotics and pain relief may help egg peritonitis but this condition is most often found at post mortem.

Typical stance of advanced egg peritonitis