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Husbandry: Routines

Daily routine
Give the hens as much time as you can as you will enjoy your hobby more, but it can take just a few minutes daily to check them.

• Let birds out at dawn in winter and about 7am in summer
• Change the water in the drinker
• Put food in the trough or check the feeder has enough food for the day
• Collect eggs
• Add fresh litter if necessary
• Scatter a little whole wheat either in the house or in the run
• Observe birds for changes in behaviour which may indicate disease
• Shut pophole before dusk, checking all birds are in the house.

Weekly routine
Time to get to know your birds and keep a closer check on their health.

• Clean nestbox and/or droppings board or floor. Putting cardboard under the shavings makes the procedure easier and it will compost down
• Scrape perches
• Put dirty litter in a covered compost bin
• Wash and disinfect drinker and feeder
• Check mixed grit is available
• Handle every bird to check weight and condition
• Deal with any muddy patches in the run
• Keep beak and claws to the correct shape with a file.