Past Events

Backyard Poultry Lecture Circuit of Victoria Roberts BVSc MRCVS

Please get in touch if you wish to attend any of the lectures listed below. If you would like me to visit your veterinary practice or arrange a venue for a public lecture, please contact me.

Some comments from recent delegates:
‘I really enjoyed your backyard poultry CPD I attended.’

‘I have been keeping chickens since 1990 and have subscribed to Country Smallholding since then so thought that I had a pretty good understanding of what chickens were all about. How wrong I was! I learned more in two hours last night than I have ever learned from any talk I have ever heard in my life! Your presentation was outstanding, both the verbal and the pictorial. Thank you.’

The Edible Garden Show was in London in March 2014. People attending the show learnt to handle chickens plus best husbandry, health and welfare, also ducks and turkeys. HRH Prince Charles was intrigued by a Mottled Pekin bantam, what a successful show!
The Edible Garden Show

  • Sunday, 20th May 2018 9:30 am
    Backyard Poultry Problems and Solutions for the GP vet. BSAVA Southern
    Venue: Doubletree Hotel, Southampton
    Vet / Vet Nurse or Anyone: Vet / Vet Nurse Only